Walk as if you are kissing the
earth with your feet


Who will benefit from my coaching?

I’ve used the words “coaching for confidence” because I want people to find the confidence to make decisions, choose new goals, and to reach new heights.

+ Soaring stress levels
+ Needing to make decisions
+ Finding everything is just too hard
+ Wondering about your life’s purpose
+ Newly retired and bored
+ Being stuck or unhappy in a relationship
+ Conflict within a family
+ Newly promoted and feeling uncertain
+ Feeling that you are getting nowhere at work
+ Not achieving your goals
+ Thinking of a career change
+ Lacking in confidence
+ Living the life you want to lead



“Find the confidence to make decisions,
choose new goals, and to reach new heights.”

Press Fast Forward

Coaching will result in you having more clarity, being more organized, increasing your personal power and confidence and reaching those elusive goals. You will understand how to make better choices that have a positive impact on you and your environment.

In corporates, coaching can help with managing change, improving interpersonal relationships, facilitating communication, and resolving conflicts. Coaching can also help small businesses to clarify goals and find ways to achieve them.

I want to be the person who helps you press the Fast Forward button!



“I see myself as completely transformed and have realized such exponential growth in awareness of my potential beyond what I thought was possible, and this I owe to your empathetic coaching skills that have helped me grow.”

MatomeMbatha, Market Manager, Wines of South Africa

“I had 6 life coaching sessions with Su Birch. Initially I was sceptical about attending these sessions but from the first session Su made me feel comfortable and any doubts or reservations I had about life coaching subsided. I am truly happy I had this opportunity as I have been able to uncover certain truths about myself I doubt I would otherwise been able to acknowledge. Life coaching with Su does not only affect your social life but is hugely beneficial at work as well.You get to determine what your own obstacles are and how to overcome them. I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Su to everyone!”

J *, attorney, Cape Town.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to explore a different reality.I have learnt how to use my energy more productively and have experienced more moments of joy than living with a negative frame of mind.I am therefore able to channel my thoughts, wishes and decisions more creatively and can look forward to what will happen, rather than what may never happen.

Amanda Lancaster, Administrative Officer, Office of the CEO, Groote Schuur Hospital

“Thank you for giving me the foundation that you gave me, believing in me and throwing  me in the deep end yet always guiding me on how to swim: you made such an impact in my life. You were my boss, my mentor and will always be my friend!”

RefiloeNt’sekhe, DA Deputy Federal Chairperson (National spokesperson)