A smile is a curve that sets
everything straight


About Su Birch

I’m a life and performance coach, working with individuals & with companies. My focus is on helping people have the confidence to tackle new challenges, grow in their workplace or in their start-ups, and to build resilience.

I studied Psychology and Sociology at University, and years later went back to study for an MBA. After a long and successful career in management and international marketing I trained as a coach with Creative Consciousness Coaching®, an approach based on classical coaching that adds additional value by building awareness, step by step, to reveal a world of possibilities. Most recently I have completed a specialization in Positive Psychology which is the scientific study of human flourishing.

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Coaching for Confidence

In my coaching and workshops, I am particularly interested in working to build confidence, especially amongst women. Having been there myself, I understand the challenges women face working in corporates or as entrepreneurs. There is plenty of research which shows how a lack of self-belief and confidence negatively affects performance. Far too many of us think that self-confidence is something you either have or don’t have- but it’s a skill that can be developed and practised like any other.

I coach in my office in Kalk Bay Cape Town, at my client’s offices or homes, or via Skype.

I am inspired by my vision to help people live
fulfilling lives. A fulfilling life is a happy one, lived
with integrity and purpose.


“I see myself as completely transformed and have realized such exponential growth in awareness of my potential beyond what I thought was possible, and this I owe to your empathetic coaching skills that have helped me grow.”

Matome Mbatha, Market Manager, Wines of South Africa

“I had 6 life coaching sessions with Su Birch. Initially I was sceptical about attending these sessions but from the first session Su made me feel comfortable and any doubts or reservations I had about life coaching subsided. I am truly happy I had this opportunity as I have been able to uncover certain truths about myself I doubt I would otherwise been able to acknowledge. Life coaching with Su does not only affect your social life but is hugely beneficial at work as well.You get to determine what your own obstacles are and how to overcome them. I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Su to everyone!”

J *, attorney, Datnow’s, Cape Town.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to explore a different reality.I have learnt how to use my energy more productively and have experienced more moments of joy than living with a negative frame of mind.I am therefore able to channel my thoughts, wishes and decisions more creatively and can look forward to what will happen, rather than what may never happen.

Amanda Lancaster, Administrative Officer, Office of the CEO, Groote Schuur Hospital

“Thank you for giving me the foundation that you gave me, believing in me and throwing  me in the deep end yet always guiding me on how to swim: you made such an impact in my life. You were my boss, my mentor and will always be my friend!”

RefiloeNt’sekhe, DA Deputy Federal Chairperson (National spokesperson)

“We utilized the services of Su Birch as a business coach for two young attorneys for an extended period earlier in the year. The brief was open ended to assist and help the staff members to develop their strengths and deal with their weaknesses.Both the staff members were very appreciative and positive about the training Su provided and we are of the opinion that she was very successful in boosting their self esteem and focus.

We will not hesitate to use her again in the future.”

Christine Cooper, Von Lieres, Cooper, Barlow & Hangone